Our Recruiters

Our Search Consultants are committed to bringing an unmatched level of integrity to every search and placement.  Please take some time to get to know our talented team.

Barbara Guimaraes
Managing Director

Barbara’s industry success is based on surrounding herself with a strong team of professionals and leading them towards achievement. With a long successful career in the healthcare industry, she appreciates the personal life experiences gained and wishes to return this value, by matching exceptional candidates with exceptional organizations, towards enjoying mutual excellence.

Qualified with an extensive career in the Healthcare Industry, Barbara is a specialist in her field. While her career began as a sales representative in the textiles industry, her passion, dedication and commitment to success quickly elevated her career to a top notch Fortune 500 company in the Healthcare Industry. With the valuable knowledge and insight she gained from her industry experience Barbara found her calling as a search consultant where she is devoted to creating the best opportunities for both the candidate and client at hand.

Bertha T. Gomez
Managing Director

Bertha’s successful career in the Healthcare Industry has given her the ability to be a valuable resource to her clients and candidates. She values the personal life experiences gained through out her career and applies her knowledge and expertise, by matching outstanding candidates with top quality organizations. She takes the time to listen, ask questions and search for answers to make sure she finds the perfect fit for not only the client, but also the candidate. She believes good talent is not expensive, it is indispensable.

Bertha’s extensive experience provides her candidates and clients with timely, comprehensive, high caliber recruiting solutions while maintaining the utmost level of integrity and confidentiality. Her drive and highly successful career was launched in a competitive results oriented Fortune 500 company. She then transitioned into a dynamic career in the Healthcare Industry were she quickly moved up the ranks through her sheer passion, drive and resilient pursuit for success.

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